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"THEATREWORKS is unlike any other place I've ever worked. It is a wonderful, dysfunctional family where people challenge each other, tease each other and support each other in ways I've never seen. The most incredible thing here, however, is not how they all treat each other but how much they value each and every customer. Every ticket holder at every performance at every productions matters. So that's a little piece of a little story from what it's like to work here. These are good people and they do good work. And I'm not just saying that because they made me..."



THEATREWORKS Development Director

We have been subscribers at THEATREWORKS since the 70s. Back then a subscription was 35 bucks to see any show as many times as you wanted. To get more involved I became a member of the Advisory Board. Then when I partially retired I became the pro bono Development Director. Five years ago I started the All Colorado Beer Festival primarily to raise money for THEATREWORKS. This year we raised $15,000 for THEATREWORKS and another $15,000 for other Colorado Springs nonprofits. Trice and I have been on three London tours and can't wait to go again. We'd love to see more folks get the word out about how great THEATREWORKS is!



THEATREWORKS subscriber & donor

I gave a friend two comp tickets to go see Church. After seeing it they couldn't believe it. They were so impressed and just loved it. They plan to become subscribers. Church was the couple's first experience at THEATREWORKS.



THEATREWORKS subscriber & donor

Decades ago, I walked Wood Avenue with Murray Ross asking the residents to donate to support THEATREWORKS and the upcoming production of Hamlet.


In the 90s while working for a large manufacturing company in town, I was responsible for building community relations by giving away money to nonprofits. I was able to call Murray and invite him to apply for funding. He was a bit taken by someone calling him to try to give away money!  I was able to facilitate his first $10,000 grant.


I love THEATREWORKS and what they mean to our community!


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