THEATREWORKS Ambassadors are our biggest fans. They love theatre. They believe the arts are an invaluable community asset. And, most imporantly, they're the kind of people that want to DO SOMETHING to make a difference. (Sitting still really isn't their thing, unless they're in the theater!)


This core group of supporters makes a huge difference in our program and in the Pikes Peak Region and YOU CAN JOIN THEM!


Take Randy, for example. Randy Dipner is one of the most incredible Ambassadors we ever could have imagined. He does it all, and he does it because, like us, he believes that theatre matters. Randy and his wife come to everything we do, they invite their friends, they give their time and they generously give their money. They are rock star ambassadors.

Here's what they're doing (and what you can do too)!


Ambassadors talk about THEATREWORKS, advocate for the program at any  chance and share  success stories with their social networks (online and off).

Volunteer at the theater

From advisory board members to set painters to tent setter-uppers to ushers to volunteer managers, Ambassadors make this ship run in top form.

Grow our tribe

Ambassadors bring their friends, neighbors and family to THEATREWORKS to get them engaged with critical, important and endlessly entertaining conversations we start.

Share their stories about THEATREWORKS

Ambassadors have incredible stories about how THEATREWORKS and the arts have changed their lives. These stories remind us, the staff, why we do what we do and more importantly remind us all why culture matters and how it brings us all together. Click HERE to share your story or HERE to read what others are saying!


Ambassadors support THEATREWORKS, in every sense of the word. They generously share their time, ideas and money to further develop the program. Nearly 1/3 of our budget is supported by individual contributions, Ambassadors give what they can and solicit donations on behalf of the program. Click HERE to make an online donation.


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